Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Honest Opinions... Okay, Three

Pulling myself back out of my idle and finding myself with a moment to spare, I decided to touch on two things that I've come to realize in the last week and a half of play in this new, angry world that's come about.

First, honestly... I'm going to miss Dalaran. Yes, it was laggy with all the people running around, and yes, it was annoying not being able to use flight mounts in-city, but for all it's worth, it's an awesome city, a great layout, and it's... inspiring. I've shared this with a few folks, but the first day I got to Dalaran, the first thing I checked out was the Blacksmithing area, and a gem caught my eye - The Forge of Fate. Small nook with smelting pools and hammers hanging from the ceiling. Instantly, my mind took off. "I can't wait to see what treasures I'll be able to make in this place," my Paladin said out loud. Unfortunately, I didn't keep playing my Paladin for too long after that, and in the middle of the Ulduar patch, I ended up switching to my Mage to shore up some DPS gaps. That and the fact Bloodhoof isn't an RP server, well... my RP urges would be stifled. I can understand the removal of the portals and the addition of all the trainers, even the Auctioneer-bots(nice to see we got Reginald as ours), but it's a shame because it's such an awesome city. Oh well, it happens.

The second opinion, and this is one I plan to actually write about in the near future, is the Southern Barrens. Without giving too many spoilers, I have to be honest - Taurajo sickened me. Recently I'd fiddled with my Draenei Hunter and had a little fun with him... now I hardly even want to touch him again 'cause of the hatred I have for the Alliance over it. And I'll make a comparison - Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale could probably be a good counter-argument for the Alliance hating the Horde, but let's face it - Night Elves aren't as easygoing as Tauren, and the fact Night Elves have been staging attacks on the lumber camps and Splintertree Post make them more of a target than a Tauren camp filled with trainers, innocent bystanders, and, of all things, CHILDREN. If you go through the Southern Barrens, you will see Tauren babies for the first time. Taurajo itself has two things - 4 dead NPCs who died protecting the evacuees, and lots of looters who talk of rifling the bodies for stuff to sell and other such things. Out of all the races in the Horde population, why stage an attack on the race least likely to hunt you down unless provoked? And if you're a Tauren, you WILL be provoked. Go ask Gann Stonespire.

Finally, so far, I can honestly say the Tauren's leveling path is the most engaging storyline I've seen in the game, period. The only other one I could see myself being interested in is the Troll stuff, and that's because Vol'jin's awesome. Rolled enough Belfs, won't roll an Orc, certainly won't roll a freaking Forsaken(Sylvanas is another topic for another day), and Goblins don't interest me. Stonetalon is mostly orc stuff, though there's a significant part the Tauren play in it, and though I'm still not a Garrosh fan, he does have a few more rep points with my personal faction. The Southern Barrens is a must if you roll a Tauren, Ferelas and Thousand Needles as well if my stroll-throughs are on the money. Seeing Thousand Needles under water is... sad. Seeing the Great Lift in shambles is frustrating, while the Grimtotem... well, let's just say Hell Hath No Fury Like a Tauren Enraged.

May your ancestors forever guard your path.

~RJ Metal to fuel your killing spree.

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