Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favorite Characters and Characterized Motivations

This morning, I left a comment on that I know will probably never be read, as the article is a couple of weeks old and the newest comment besides mine is from the 17th. For brevity, I'm posting it here to share, and admittedly, it touches on a topic I've got an itch to dig in about - Taurajo, and Alliance loyalty after the fact. I'll probably do that later after I get back home from some stuff to do around town. But anyway, on with the comment.

From - Who is Your Favorite Character?

"I almost went into an off-topic gripe about a lot of things about Cata in general right now, particularly the state of The Barrens, Alliance there, Camp Taurajo, and so on, but if you read the Shattering and you've played for enough time, you'll understand in this one statement, with the first part being a simple truth.

Cairne's unquestionably my favorite, and I miss the guy.

I know Magatha *spit* is to blame, but so is Garrosh *spit* for being such a hotheaded jerk most times and making himself an easy target for people to blame, not to mention easily manipulated. Anduin's about the only respectable Alliance guy these days, aside from Jaina. Screw Wrynn. Sylvanas is turning into a creep too. Good on Vol'jin for sticking to his feelings and choosing to not be around the arseface. And then there's Thrall. I see him as the everyman, really. He's a smart orc. He's not driven simply by instinct, he's down to Earth(no pun intended), and he's honorable. I never kept an orc because the starting area stuff felt boring and lame to me. Now they've redone stuff, now I won't make an orc because of Garrosh *spit*. I frankly can't wait to see what Baine becomes in the years to come. He's his father's son, and he has my unquestioned loyalty. He wants Tauren to be the shining example of the good of the Horde, and I'm with him all the way. I don't like the way the Horde has swerved in a way, but I certainly won't touch the Alliance. Not anymore. I have a Draenei hunter sitting on Moon Guard, and I have no interest in him anymore. Why? Taurajo. I'll even state this challenge - play a Tauren, play the new zones, particularly Stonetalon and the Southern Barrens. If you don't feel your loyalties challenged when you deal with Taurajo, well... *Headshake*

Anyway, yeah, still turned into a ramble and a fanrant, but for what it's worth, Cataclysm's brought back the lore fire in a big way.

So yeah, long story short, Cairne, Baine, Thrall, Anduin. Those are the characters I'm going to favor, and with the exception of our dearly departed High Chieftan, I'm gonna be watching to see what happens in the days ahead."


"For honor!"

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