Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A snippet - Betrayal and the Path to Redemption, part two

As I think back on it, I wonder what I could have done different, what I should have done different, and if things would have turned out much differently if I hadn't slept a little longer, or if I hadn't have waited to talk to Cairne.

When I got to Bloodhoof, Baine wasn't around, and the village was quiet. I thought it was early morning and there might be something going on in Thunder Bluff. I headed on, only to find Thunder Bluff was bustling, a lot of gossip, a lot of alarmed faces. I saw Skorn in the crowd, and I waved him down. "What's going on?"

"Cairne's gone to Orgrimmar, along with Baine and Magatha. Hamuul's in Splintertree Post, barely alive and recovering. They were ambushed... they..." his face twisted, and then he saw what I imagine to be my eyes flaring.

The air went cold. I remember telling him to take care of my Mammoth, and I ran up the tower to the Flight Master. Tal gave me his best rider, and I flew.

Why? Why didn't I tell him? Why did I have to be so afraid? Somewhere deep inside, I felt two sensations that I had not felt in a long time. My heart was racing, and of all things, a chill went up my spine. Pretty strange thing, feeling a chill when you're a Death Knight that specialized himself in all things cold.

I jumped off the wyvern, and found no one around except a few guards. Then I heard a cheer. "What's going on?" I asked one of them. "Go to the Valley of Honor. There's a Mak'gora going on. Cairne's challenged Garrosh for leadership of the Horde, and from what I hear, it's a deathmatch."

"WHAT!?" I pushed that guard out of my way in a mad rush, and made my way to the stadium. The cheers were getting louder, louder... I wanted to stop what was going on in there, I didn't care about honor or dishonor. I didn't care about the Horde. I just wanted Cairne alive, and if I had to kill Hellscream to make sure he stayed that way, I would do it.

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