Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Island of Magic

(Written in the mindset of my Mage, and while listening to this, the music of Ferelas while feeling thoughtful, if a bit lonesome.)

2 years ago, we came streaming in from across Azeroth to this little island. The Mages of Dalaran, my brethren, finally decided to come out of hiding, hidden from the world after Arthas rampaged through the Eastern Kingdoms. He came here to retrieve items that would help Kel'thuzad bring Archimonde to our world, and thus the Third War began. While we Sin'Dorei were recovering and doing our best to rebuild and recover without the Sunwell, to recover enough that we would survive, the races of the world came together to save Azeroth.

Now, Arthas is dead, the Sunwell has been restored with the help of M'uru and the Prophet Velen, but the world continues to go through great tragedy. It is said we, Horde, Alliance, and all our allies alike, are going to have to get involved in this rapidly-changing world to save it, and at that, establish who is the more dominant faction. In a few days, most of us will have to uproot ourselves once more and re-establish ourselves in our own homes. Dalaran will stay here in Northrend to help new adventurers learn and grow, and to keep watch over the remnants of the Scourge. This land has much rebuilding and recovering of its own to make. Zul'drak, Icerown.. lush lands like Sholazar Basin to the harsh, barren Borean Tundra... so much has been touched by the withering hands of undeath.

And for those of us strong enough to survive all that, we now face a new task - surviving the elements, hunting down those who would rather see this world destroyed, and at the same time, fight against old foes - the Alliance, pride, ego, greed...

If it were up to me, I would stay in this city and never fight again... but I have a duty to fulfill. My kind have to live in this world, and the last thing I'll do is abandon my race. I may not wish the battle, but I will fight, if for no other reason than to survive and be able to come back and call this island home once more.

So it is not a farewell, fair Dalaran, but only an until I see you again. Ano' belore'alah. May Antonidas always watch you and may he give Rhonin the wisdom to lead, and not let that woman corrupt his mind with her... views on the Horde, or her sister-turn-banshee Sylvanas.

~Spiritwing Leywalker

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