Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Off-topic - Phone Geekery!

So, taking a moment from our Tauren lore-fanism a moment, I have this itch to talk about something that I use in my everyday life just about as much as WoW - my cellphone. It's no secret I've a thing for Twitter, I have a couple of WoW apps, and then there's Pandora, Angry Birds... yeah. This is not exactly the place to talk about it, but I figure it's better than Twitterspam, so hey.

Friends know that about 3 months ago I picked up the Samsung Intercept from Sprint, and while's it's been a nice piece more than not, it's had a few hiccups that made me take back one and swap it for another in the first few weeks. The replacement has been much better than the first, though it's acted cranky a time or two, plus the sound had had a habit of going out for whatever reason, thanks to software.

One of the reasons I got it was because it was going to have lots of good support for awhile, unlike the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment, which are older models. Since I bought it, there's been talk of the updated Android OS, Froyo, coming to the Intercept. It kept getting pushed back though(the latest I'd heard being Q1 of 2011), and as time went on, I was kinda getting annoyed, especially because I wanted to see if it would make my phone work much better, particularly the haptic buttons and the sound issue. A few days ago, Froyo hit. So far, no sound problems, and the haptic buttons have been responsive, my two big issues. Battery life seems a bit more limited to around 12 hours, which doesn't bother me much considering how much I use it. On top of the performance issues being resolved, there's a new UI layout, one I'm familiar with from using ADW.Launcher, works rather well. Browser and phone buttons flank a new app button that replaces the pullout tab, and there are 5 screens instead of 3. There's even a new Task Manager.

So, long story short, my good phone just got turned into a great phone, and whereas I couldn't completely recommend it before, I can now.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled MOO.


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