Monday, December 6, 2010

A snippet - Betrayal and the Path to Redemption

Thunder Bluff came into view in the distance, and as I crossed the rocky mountainside, I was hit by a blinding storm. It was a torrential downpour. The winds whipped. The wyvern was exhausted. I patted its head in comfort and silently reassured it, that it could make the last mile.

I saw the flight tower. I saw the portal they had for evacuees. I saw a young female struggling to cross the bridge.

"Go! Save her!" I yelled out, and then looked down to see the Third Rise covered in wind and water elementals. I looked to see where Cairne was, and saw him in the thick of the fight. I brought both my biggest sword, a trophy from a fight with the guard of Icecrown's first level, Lord Marrowgar, and I knew I would need it. Just as I drew it, I saw an elemental getting ready to attack. Instinct took over. I leapt from the wyvern(who I found out flew and caught the young female before she fell to her death), and yelled out, "ChieftaaAAAAAAN!" to warn him of what was going to happen. He turned in surprise, and saw the elemental swing. He barely dodged, and saw my sword sink right into the watery creature. Ice began to form. I was freezing it from the inside out.

"Quick! Attack it now!"

He drew his Runespear, and swung, the frozen elemental shattering to pieces. There was a moment of deep breathing as the elementals scattered, a group of adventurers running in and taking up the fight, just after hearing Hamuul's voice declare the Elder Rise was safe. I tossed him a small vial, a potion, and said, "Be strong, High Chief," before downing one of my own. He looked at me, and I heard him ask, "Do I know you...?" before he tackled me and saved me from an air elemental almost obliterating me, just before the mob overtook it. We rolled a few feet, and when we stopped, he looked at me with those eyes.

"Tell me who..."

I placed a finger to his lips and shook my head, "Not right now. Later. We have a sanctuary to protect."

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