Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pandaria Professions! (Pt1)

This title is no secret to you if you are a WoW player or at least a gamer who keeps up with industry news. For those of us who are the former(casual or chronic), there's something to be said about the amount of work that's going to be going into this expansion, from questing and enjoying the lore to leveling mains, alts, and everyone's professions in the process. For those of us like me who have EVERYTHING in terms of professions, this is probably something you've been pondering, trying to decide what takes priority over all else, what will be the most beneficial.

This post is going to revolve around all of that, and I'm going to make myself sound like I know what I'm doing. I... what? Oh... the voices in my head say I do, so...!

And to note, I'm waiting 'til day 3 or 4 to touch the monk or panda leveling.

Nice thing about end-of-expansion raiding has been getting gear that'll make leveling much easier. Enchantments have a minimum iLevel of 372 while jewelcrafting's minimum is 417, something that really won't make a difference unless you're a blacksmith, as leveling gear doesn't really have gemslots. Blacksmiths can add them to their own gloves and bracers, but you won't get 417+ gear 'til well into 86 at least. Most of my gear when I hit 90 on my premade monk was between 414 and 442, and not a single gemslot, and that's questing and some dungeon gear.

Anyway, getting back on track, my whole point is you won't need most quest reward gear 'til it out-stats your gemmable Cata gear, 397 and 410 gear alike. Enchanting will prop it up a little longer, but gems won't do you any good. For this reason, Jewelcrafting will wait a little to get my attention. I may poke at it if the rings and necks are worth grinding for, but the gems will happen when the market has a need for it. Enchanting, though, will be one of my focuses. My first though will actually be a bit split as my druid will be the first I work to level, his professions being alchemy and herbalism. The split comes in the fact inscription will provide shoulder enchants in Pandaria, so I'll be sending herbs off to my death knight. If I have to work on him, I'll be able to gather ore for my Paladin and Priest, my blacksmith, especially, and jewelcrafter, respectively.

Blacksmithing, on tat note, will be another focus of mine, seeing that I have 3 plate wearers who will need things from it, guaranteed. Windwool cloth is abundant, so my mage will be swimming in it like he has been with embersilk. My hunter will probably have the hardest time as his guild is a hanger-on that doesn't have a high level, and therefore doesn't have Bountiful Bags. All that's left is engineering, and that really won't be a huge worry for me as my warrior also has mining like my DK and Paladin, though my Priest is also engy along with being my jewelcrafter.

Sound like a mess? It is, kinda. Long story short, Alchy and Inscription, Blacksmith, Enchanting, and Leatherworking. Tailoring will progress naturally, while Engineering and Jewelcrafting will come along when I feel like grinding them. There's a good amount of logic going into the decisions, but it also hinges on my own personal procrastination problem.

I would go into secondary professions, but it's time for racing on Speed. I'll touch on them later on. Ciao!

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