Friday, April 13, 2012

Patch 4.2 - Firelands, or "Too soon, Executus!"

(Note, I started writing this back in December or just before, so this will be well out of date, but I wanna finish it and get it done.)

So yes, I know we're into patch 4.3 now, yet I've been lax about tossing in my two cents about patch 4.2. Well, I'm going to fix this. Patch 4.2 saw some very big events come into play. First, the Firelands invasion, which consisted of the Molten Front and the dailies it gave, a compelling story that, for some of us, encouraged us to get involved on the basis of just retribution. Second, the Elemental Bonds questline which consisted of Thrall, Aggra, learning more about our beloved Warchief. Third, "The Firelands" raid.

Admittedly, Patch 4.2 holds some bittersweet memories for me, but for what it is, I enjoyed it. The Molten Front has some very nice upgrades for folks like Blacksmiths and Tailors and a couple of plans for Engineers that they really shouldn't pass up if they're close to getting them, even now, though to be honest, the quest grind, after days and days and days of unlocking does get old. If you did the Shattered Sun Offensive on Quel'Danas in BC, in prep for Sunwell, you understand.

If you haven't done Thrall's questline, I won't spoil it for you. For your first time, you'll do it for the story. Anytime after that, chances are it'll just be for the cape. I actually get a little sad when I do it because I'm a pseudo pacifist, and 'cause I miss certain characters. But I'm sure you'll know what I mean if you've seen it.

And finally, The Firelands. It was a fun raid for me, though I didn't get to see the end 'til after the nerf happened. Ragnaros was a fun fight for me, Fandral was a wuss, Alysrazor always causes amusement 'cause someone derps, it never fails, and then there's Beth and Rhyolith and Shannox too. Beth'tillac finally gave me her shiny shield. Twice! I love the model of the Ward. I still want a set of shoulders. Someday.

It was during 4.2 that I actually started my transition back to Bloodhoof from Silver Hand in terms of server preference. Things happened, won't go into 'em, but I learned my lessons, and that's why I still play this blasted game. Heh. Next post will be about Dragon Soul, patch 4.3.

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